Bet-David Consulting Events

Live conferences and webinars

Summits for acquiring strategic insights into business expansion strategies, C-Suite conflict resolution, sales training, and fostering valuable networking connections.

Sales Leadership Summit

April 23 - 24, 2024
Participate in a comprehensive two-day live conference scheduled for early Q2, strategically designed to support you in defining, enhancing, and effectively leading your sales organization.

The Vault Conference

SEPTEMBER 4 - 7, 2024
Our flagship three-day conference, held in the third quarter of each calendar year, brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and organization leaders.

CXO Forum

October 2024
coming soon
Engage in a full-day workshop in October, strategically designed to foster enhanced cohesion and communication among CEOs and their key executives.

Business Planning Workshop

December 2024
Single-day online workshop held in December, tailored to provide guidance and insight in the meticulous development of your business plan for the upcoming year. The workshop includes a 100-page business planning workbook, breakout rooms, and live interaction with Patrick Bet-David.